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Thread: Depot dorm life

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    Depot dorm life

    Can anyone out there tell how placement at Depot works?
    Some people get stuck in living quarters with like 30 other people, then others get there own private room with bathroom.

    I don't understand, is it like a lottery, how do they decide who gets to live for 6 months in the lap and who gets stuck next to another dude with a snore board between them.

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    If you go on blueline there are members who work at depot there who can give you a definate answer on how it works

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    It usually starts by putting the whole troop in dorms (beds with snore-boards in between and usually having a pit partner) then after a few months moving into trailers.

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    Dorms will be torn down here very soon. The new facility should be up and running in the spring. Right now there is only 6 troops on base and 4 are in the trailers and 2 in dorms. From my understanding they are gonna be the last two troops in dorms. Either way the trailers you might have your own room but only a curtain separates you from your troop mates. Also you all share a college style type bathroom. 8 toilets 10 showers 10 sinks. The sinks are usually shared by you and your pit mate. The new facility will bring a whole new set of standards I'm sure.
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    Hey JR, how have you been buddy? Long time no talk, hope all is going great out there!

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