Police exams and Police interviews are challenging hurdles to cross in becoming a Police Officer in the United States and Canada. PolicePrep provides a comprehensive Police Training program to help you prepare for the Police Recruitment process. Police Forces in North America use standardized Police Exams as part of the Police recruitment and selection process. PolicePrep helps you with practice police exams and preparation material to pass each stage of the recruitment process. Our online program has proven to be so successful that we protect you with a full money back guarantee.

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"I got my California POST scores back... they were excellent,
thanks in large part to PolicePrep.  I scored 59.8!
Where the highest score one needs is 52 and most forces require 46"
N. Bunning -

"I have been looking on the net a long time for this
type of information and it was well worth the price"
J. Stevens - Ontario

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