B.C. Police Test

Practice the B.C. Police Test before you write it! Our comprehensive Police Exam training program is designed to prepare you for all aspects of the B.C. Police recruitment process.  The Vancouver Police Service and all other Police Services in the Province of British Columbia use the Police Recruitment Test, WCT, and Wonderlic to assess your application. PolicePrep is the only training program recognized and used by leading Police and Criminal Justice Colleges in Canada to prepare students for the B.C. Police Test.  Our program provides practice B.C.  Police Tests, police video simulations, and preparation material for police Interviews and Fitness tests. At PolicePrep we continuously work closely with Police Services and Colleges to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality in police test preparation.

With PolicePrep you will feel confident and well prepared before writing your B.C. Police test.  Join today and be apart of  Canada's largest online community of Police applicants. Visit our Forum to see what others are discussing as they prepare for the B.C. Police Test:

  • PRACTICE 5 full-length B.C. Police, VPD and Wonderlic exams
  • Includes 30 WCT, 15 Video and 9 Written Behavioural Tests
  • Bonus Offer: free access to RCMP, SIGMA, APCAT and Manitoba Police tests
  • Complete scoring, answer keys, and detailed solution explanations
  • Full access to all teaching material (math, grammar, spatial, etc.)
  • Full access to all preparation material (resume, interview, fitness)
  • Access for 1 year - Do the tests as often as you like!
  • Full Money Back Guarantee!
We always have standardized test instructors and former police officers on hand to answer any questions you may have through email, livechat or phone.

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