B-Pad & WCT Package

"Thanks a bunch for the great site! I've passed and I'm now off to police training next month."
D. Harris - Hamilton, ON
B-PAD & WCT - 3 months access
  • * 15 video and 9 written B-PAD exercises
  • * 30 Practice Written Communication Test exercises
  • * Unlimited access, do the tests as often as you like
  • (Does not include the Police aptitude tests.)
  • * Interview Preparation
  • * Teaching material for behavioural exams and the WCT
Fee: $97
The BPAD is a video based Behavioral Personal Assessment Device. As a Police candidate you will watch a series of video simulations, and then respond verbally as if you were at the scene. Your responses are videotaped and scored using validated criteria.

The WCT is a Written Communication Test using a pencil and paper test which you must complete within one hour. It evaluates your ability to organize information in a clear, coherent, and comprehensive manner. In addition challenges you to make conclusions from given facts. You are presented with a scenario in which factual details are jumbled or represented in a non-chronological manner. We also always have standardized test instructors and former police officers on hand to answer any questions you have through email, livechat or by phone.