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Advanced Driver Training
Training to become a Police officer, Fire Fighter or any other emergency services worker includes challenging and intensive driver training. The course is a unique combination of classroom and practical sessions developed and delivered by seasoned Law Enforcement and Fire Department trainers with thousands of hours experience training recruits at the RCMP Training Academy in Regina Saskatchewan and the Justice Institute in BC.
High School Diploma
Interested in receiving a high school diploma? Get ahead in your educational and career goals by visiting Franklin Virtual Schools today.
Police officers risk their lives to protect their communities. However, the pressure and stress associated with the job leads some toward substance abuse. We have created a page that outlines substance abuse within the police officer occupation; as a way to educate officers and their families about the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse.
Recovery Village
Recovery Village is an organization with locations across the US, dedicated to providing the best treatment possible to those struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders.
Recovery Village is an organization an organization connecting people to the treatment resources they need.

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