National Police Officer Selection Test (POST) Program

PolicePrep provides the most comprehensive training program to help you pass the National Police Officer Selection Test. The National POST is used by several Police Forces throughout the United States. Practice full length National POST exams before you do the real test. Our unique online program prepares you for more than just the Police Tests!  No other program offers video behavioral exams, written communication exams, and interview coaching.

The National Police Officer Selection Test (POST) is an entry-level skills test that is used by several law enforcement agencies to select the most qualified applicants by ensuring that candidates possess the cognitive skills necessary to become a successful Police Officer. The National POST is a test designed specifically for Police Selection testing, and measures the following skills: Arithmetic, Reading Comprehension, Grammar and Incident Report Writing. Our 5 full length National POST exams have been developed to provide the inside information about test format and content.
National POST Test Prep
  • 5 Full Length National POST Written Tests
  • Full access to our complete database of practice police tests.
  • 17 behavioral exams (B-PAD)
  • 10 Written Communication Test exercises
  • Complete scoring, answer keys, and detailed solution explanations
  • Full access to all teaching material for all subject matters including math, grammar, memorization, mapping, problem solving, logical reasoning, behavioral police tests and more
  • Full access to all preparation material (resume, interview, fitness)
  • Access for 1 year - Do the tests as often as you like!
  • Full Money Back Guarantee!
  • Message board to post questions, share information and meet other people who have the same dream.
Core Skill Sets:
  • English Writing Skills
  • Arithmetic
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Incident Report Writing
We always have standardized test instructors and former police officers on hand to answer any questions you may have through email, livechat or phone. Take Control - Register Today.

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