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At PolicePrep our goal is to get you hired! Our premium Police Training Program provides you with practice Undefined exams with instant feedback and test solutions. In addition you will have access to our entire database of Police Tests used in the United States providing you with hundreds of questions to improve your testing skills. You can take the tests as often as you wish. In addition, you will find teaching material on all the skills and abilities tested by Police recruiters.
PolicePrep Program
  • 17 B-PAD behavioral exercises with teaching material
  • 10 written communication tests
  • Full access to all teaching material (math, grammar, deductive reasoning, etc.)
  • Access to PolicePrep's discussion forum to learn from other applicants
  • Full access to all preparation material (resume, interview, fitness, etc.)
  • Access for 1 year - Do the tests as often as you like!
We always have standardized test instructors and former police officers on hand to answer any questions you may have through email, livechat or phone.